An investment in digital talents is an investment into the future


Talentic, founded in 2016, provides expertise in reliable, precisely fitting and service-oriented recruiting for digital and technical professionals. We are a team of recruitment and HR marketing consultants. Our mission is to find the perfect match between our clients and customers, integrated into a 360° consulting process. Profound Know-How as a boutique for recruitment consulting, built on a network with strong partners in the IT and Tech branch in Southern Germany, that is our key to a common success shared with our clients.

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Direct Search and an interconnected, lively network in digital and real life, that is our unique way to find motivated and skilled staff for you. Our team of recruitment consulting covers experts in executive search, well-experienced head-hunters, and recruiters. All members have profound knowledge about the digital world and its trends, including iOS-development, Android Apps, Software, IT-Support, Frontend and Backend- Development. We are aware of the volatile trends in the online behaviour of our target groups. This knowledge makes a distinction form job boards, staff agency and else.

We at Talentic settle for quality over quantity. Instead of scouting through contless profiles, we search for the perfect match within the frame of our first screening with you.

Our Offer


Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Consulting are our core business.


Shorten your Time-to-Hire with us tremendously

Let u stake charge of your Headhunting, Multi-Channel-Sourcing and Preselection. On the average hiring takes place within 30 days.


Looking forward for your perfect candidate

Executive Search is our domain. Our HR-Consultants stand at your disposition for a personal and customised consulting.


We offer integer and subtle Executive Search.

Due to our honest ambitions and into-the-depth pretalks we swiftly get a feeling of what you are looking for.


We are a reliable and trustworthy partner

We never headhunt candidates from our partners.

Our Core Values and Talent Acquisition for Recruitment


  • Approaching candidates subtle, but fair, always complying with the rules.
  • Focusing on reducing the amount of potential candidates. We do not approach as many candidates as possible, yet we focus on the most promising candidates through a preselection.
  • Keeping our clients continuously and openly updated
  • Revealing the identity of the candidate only bit its own consent
  • Promising, that we never headhunt from our clients
  • Clarifying, that we only take requests, that can be fulfilled in an appropriate amount of time. We let you know about the presumed time of a Tech& It-Executive Search Project at the beginning of a project.
  • Avoiding request that might lead to conflicts of interest
  • Treating candidates with respect. Consulting for us implies awareness, comprehension, and service.

How we work

Our Service of recruitment consulting in detail

  • Methodological Briefing with your personal consultant
  • Customised Search Strategy Development for you and the market situation
  • Digital, interactive shortlist offer access to all information for all members of the project
  • Implementation of our feedback smoothly and made to measure
  • Your personal and experienced tech-recruitment-consultant stand for your disposition.
  • Methodological Job-Analysis: Conceiving an ideal profile and the goal spectrum.
  • Applying diagnostic tools as MBTI, TKI, Hogan, Big Five or F60
  • Optional Onboarding f.e. Leadership-Coaching or 360°-Feedbacks

Our promise- the ideal candidate for your team


Regarding efficiency in hiring and your recruitment lifecycle, we are happy to guide you through the process of successful hiring with your services- recruitment consulting, recruitment, outsourcing, headhunting, as optimal candidate experience. Our service set the track for your team to evolve and thrive, might this be Start Ups or enterprises. Come and join us for a smooth, efficient, and successful recruiting for the future.

Our Talent Acquisition Service come before posting cost-intensive job offers. Our Social Recruiting Campaign open access to a wide pool of potential talents, that fit within your desired target group.

We take chare of the whole recruiting process, either for individual positions or whole sections. For outsourced service we provide you a 360° service starting with the demand until the final working contract.

Employer Branding is the key to successfully reaching your target group- we consult you with competence and close by the applicant. We provide you with visibility within your recruiting target group.

Independent and on-site we stand along your sight. Our services range from Go-Live, a new recruiting software, up to individual consulting of candidate experience or applicant journey. We are at your disposition until your difficult to be filled positions will be staffed.

In the field of candidate experience we guide you along the applicant journey, bringing together you and your target group through strategic steps.

Our target-based, promising headhunting service for finding perfect matches to your open positions.

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About us


We are an agile and modern recruitment agency for positions within international B2C and B2B enterprises and start-ups from e-commerce, fintech, data science, machine learning, SaaS (Software as a Service), Marketing, IT as Digital Healthcare, MedTech, Technology, Engineering as also Finance.

Our core business is finding the perfect matching between customer enterprises and client. We consider a sustainable, reliable relationships oriented on the long term as basis for a successful corporation. Optimizing the recruitment lifecycle, we see the challenge in finding people, that are willing to contribute more than just formal expertise. We see the person as whole! That is how we create an additional value.

Executive Search – finding the right applicants


The key to successful recruiting connects automated and semantic direct search with methods and tricks from modern online marketing actions, as executive search specialised for applicants and interested stakeholders. We appeal directly to potential employees and qualify them. Wherever in Germany you are looking for staff, we find the best candidates withing a short time span.

As highly specialised boutique in the personal recruitment we set on diligent searching process, profiling, and efficient process, as our outstanding expertise about the digital market.